To what extent does numbness take over in the academic world? Finals are approaching for FC students, and I observe around campus how the overwhelming pressures with academic tasks can lead to emotional and physical numbness – ouch!¬† (Well I suppose not really ouch, because numbness often dulls out pain to where nothing is felt.)… Continue reading Numbness


If there is a term called mid-life crisis, there should be one in college called “mid-term crisis.” It’s mid-term time, and students are likely feeling the stress with all the academic pressures building up. Countless homework assignments, and time-consuming projects, and numerous study hours required for exams can take a toll on all FC students.… Continue reading Burnout

Meet Them Where They Are

I remember several times throughout elementary, junior, and high school where teachers deemed me as “slow.” I experienced various difficulties with comprehending class material, how to interpret exam questions, and frequently worried about looking incompetent. Furthermore, I found it hurtful when I compared myself to my peers, many of whom excelled quite well academically. It… Continue reading Meet Them Where They Are